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Launching today: “Expat Flow”, “Greensplaining” and the new “Brave Language Learning” – a three-eBook bundle

Few things make me more anxious, proud and excited than letting everyone know of something new I made for them. Today I’m happy to show you three new eBooks. What are they, what will they give y[...]

Use the Force: three processes you can rely on to learn anything better

Do you remember that moment in Star Wars where Luke learns how the Force works? That fantastic feeling of ease and elation that just went from screen to yourself – “everything is possible [...]

Five Things I Learned From Five Years of Blogging

  I started this blog, under a different name, in October 2011. Since then, a lot has changed! Here are five most important things I learned while running this blog.[...]

Now That Speed Reading Is Broken, Here Are Three Ways to Read Instead

Seven years ago, I was convinced that my eyes were becoming superhuman. The pencil told my eyes where to focus, like a strict director’s baton. The mind made sure that no words were actually utt[...]

Things you can use a NaNoWriMo for (that aren’t writing a novel)

November is coming soon. For some people, this means growing a moustache. For others (like me), it means thinking about writing – and perhaps, this year, it will mean writing a lot more. So if y[...]

Five Strange Directions Language Learning Won’t Take (Or Will It?)

Two things are true at once: 1) language teaching and learning methods are still not innovative enough, and 2) any predictions about “the next big thing” for polyglots have, so far, been s[...]

Three Productivity Lessons From Kierkegaard

This is not something you would normally expect from bitter Danish philosophers. You would turn to some energetic life coach for advice on productivity, wouldn’t you? As it turns out, Soren Kier[...]

The Guy Who Made Prince’s Last Guitar

You may be a fan of Prince or may never have liked him much, but today is not just about music and not only about playing guitar, either. This post is an invitation to think about two questions: what [...]

Limit-situations and limit-acts: a free guide for turning obstacles into motivation

This post is a collage of two inspiring ideas from two smart people. At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to a free guide I created to help you make the most of these guys’ ideas for [...]

2 things you don’t know about your Future Self

  Chasing the latest thing and trying to live in the present may have done a disservice to what you know about your future. Here are two (well-documented) facts which you don’t always think[...]

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