Monthly Archives: October 2011

Introducing “Breaking Babel: A One-Page Guide to Mastering Any Language”

I’ve always believed that good teachers don’t need to know all the answers. But they should be pretty good at asking the right questions. This is equally true for coaching, and for self-guided learning: when you begin learning a language or working on anything, asking the right questions beforehand can be crucial. Today, you get […]

Daily links 10/31/2011

HowStuffWorks “Can chimpanzees learn human language?” – StumbleUpon This is puzzling and entertaining – some answers are quite surprising! tags: bravelearning 100 Hacks to Learn a New Language in No Time – StumbleUpon A bit self-explanatory, sometimes, but worth browsing through. tags: bravelearning Reading: The Witch Doctor of Language Acquisition – StumbleUpon Brilliant. Hard piece […]

Funny Advertising: 4 Best Language School Commercials

This was supposed to be a light-hearted, not-so-serious post just before the next week (expect GREAT things then!). But then I thought: these commercials are more than just pure fun. There’s something more to them. And as I watched each of them in turn, it dawned on me. These adverts are designed to make you […]

Getting Closer: How to Figure Out Your Integrative Motivation

“So, where are you guys from?” We had just finished a delicious paella and were settling the bill with a charming Spanish waiter. The city was British (well – Welsh), the restaurant – Spanish. All around us, people were easing into what promised to be a nice, sunny weekend – many languages, nationalities and styles. […]

Learn a Language, Lend a Hand: How to Learn Languages Through Charity

“It feels too good to be true.” We had just come across an awesome idea, and were staring at the screen in disbelief. Somebody out there was actually doing things we had been dreaming of doing. And managing to change the world for the better at the same time. The best thing is, we actually […]

Moodle Ninja: How to Design an Awesome E-learning Course

Moodle Ninja: How to Design an Awesome E-learning Course Learning languages might be one of the least eco-friendly things you can do. Think about it: people fly across the globe to spend time collecting stacks of photocopies in well-lit and air-conditioned classrooms. Then they fly back home. If you’re a course designer – in languages, […]