Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hidden Gems of Social Networks: 3 Language Learning Tools You’re Not Using

If I told you to “go and learn a language online, socially” – you would probably end up joining several groups on Facebook. That’s the obvious choice, and the go-to solution for many: after all, it’s the biggest social network in the world, and if movies are made about it, then it’s got to be […]

Genius Loci: Location, Language and Learning

There’s a guy in this town that I see quite a lot. On a sunny day, I’m almost certain to find him at a table outside a Starbucks, smoking and talking to strangers – playing his guitar, sometimes, and singing. He’s a curious guy. And his presence – the constant, dependable presence outside the coffee […]

Language Learning, Connected: What’s Your Platform?

  I learned an important thing as I was going through the drawers in my grandpa’s office desk. He was, like me, a language teacher and a translator. He stopped working no more than 20 years before I started my work – but the differences between the way we could do our job were huge […]

Craze-based Language Learning: Using Your Passion to Learn

I remember hating geography in school. I hated every minute of it. I hated my teacher. I kept failing tests. I never did homework. I got worse and worse. And then, one day, my dad said: “You know, you’re not going to be a good sailor without geography.” I loved sailing, and I still do. […]

ELTBITES Challenge: Teaching with no resources – “5 Important Things”

This entry is a response to an ELTBITES blog challenge, asking participants to describe an English teaching activity which would use a minimum of resources (or none). This is something I’ve tried – with success – on many summer courses, as icebreaker activities, and to get learners to know each other better. Feel free to […]

The Pain Of Flow: Learning Till It Hurts

I had never been so proud before, and rarely since. Staring at the result board, I could only see two names with the highest grades – two people who aced the English university entry exam. I was one of them. (My future wife was the other one, but that’s another story.) Let me tell you […]