Monthly Archives: February 2012

Polyglot Wannabe? Start a Business to Learn Languages

When you’re setting out to do something ambitious, the first instinct is usually to get rid of distractions, and focus only on the daunting task at hand. This is how works of art are conceived, heart transplants performed, and (in my household at least) breakfasts cooked. But sometimes, the right thing to do seems to […]

Tell ’em.

The most amazing, frightening, beautiful, shocking, stressful and productive moment of your language learning… It’s when you commit, go out, speak up, make yourself heard. It’s when you take the risk. Today, I started a Facebook page and a Google+ page for this blog. Until now, I was reluctant to do it. The reason, I […]

Four TV Shows Which Will Help You Learn Languages

Someone once counted that we spend 12 years of our lives watching TV. Once again, I find that my decision not to get one is one of the best ones I’ve made. But if you’ve already got one – or if, like me, you like to watch a show online every now and then – […]

Love and Language Learning – Does Romance Help You Learn?

You probably heard it a hundred times: guy falls in love, girl speaks another language, guy learns girl’s language just to be with her (replace girls with guys as you fancy). But does it really work that way? Being close to the person you love is a strong motivation to do something – anything – […]

Fear Less: Four Easy Ways to Lower Your Foreign Language Anxiety

My speaking exam was starting in five minutes, and I was about to faint. I wasn’t the only one: my partner, whom I’d never met before, was just as stressed. We were both sitting there, winding ourselves up, and then she said something strange: “We should have had a vodka or two before that, you […]

Too Big to Bother: The Pros and Cons of Accredited Language Schools

The reason for my prolonged absence from the blog lately is important, big and overwhelming. The school I’m working at is undergoing two accreditation inspections, back to back. We’re currently preparing for the inspections, printing out piles of documents, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t.” The important question, though, is: why bother? You are […]