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Language Learning Links (weekly)

Learn Japanese Online – Free Japanese Quizzes Every Day Japanese Quizzes, anyone? tags: bravelearning Denver College Policy Aids Illegal Immigrants – I hear a lot about British universities making life harder for international students – so it’s good to hear a positive story from the other side of the pond. Way cool, Colorado. tags: […]

How to Use Language Shows to Learn Better

I’m writing this to give you guys plenty of time to react: October is a big month for language shows in Europe. I know I’m going to at least one – if you’re not sure yet, read on to find out what you can count on! You are here to read and learn. I’m here […]

Language Learning Links (weekly)

Teacher Training Unplugged | simplifying language teacher education Normally I’m reluctant to link to teacher training blogs. The reason: they’re full of teacher-talk. But if your goal is to become your own teacher of language – at least for some of the time – then this blog could save you time, money and effort. And […]

Build On What You Know: Scaffolding for Language Learners

The problem I have with a lot of language teachers is this: the techniques, terms and strategies they use to teach languages cannot be easily transferred to the learners who want to do the work by themselves. I’m big on DIY language learning and on guerrilla solutions recently. That’s why today I’m tackling one of […]

Language Learning Links (weekly)

App Store – Memrise Memrise has an iPhone app! One of my favourite language-learning solutions has finally gone mobile (sort of – waiting for the Android version). tags: bravelearning The Best Time of Day to Do Just About Anything | “I never have time for languages.” Well, find out when to make time, then! […]

Street Rules: Thoughts on Language and Moving About

Here I am, in London! The move went well and we’re slowly settling in. Lots of emotions, thoughts and new ideas surround our every move. Today I’m going to share a few of them with you – and I’m sure that in the near future this blog is going to be inspired by London to […]