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3 Reasons Why Vine Will Rock Your Language Learning

Not bad, Internet. You’ve made something useful (riddled by porn and available on iOS only for now, which may just prove my point). It’s new, it’s much-hyped, and may just change the way people do lots of stuff. Learning languages with Vine? Here’s how and why. You are here to read and learn. I’m here […]

100 Languages of Britain – and why nobody really cares

  This is a bit of a rant. And the position of the ranter should be pretty obvious. I can promise to get you through several key concepts for language and culture, though – so not all is vitriol and bile 🙂 Stay tuned and tell me what you think. You are here to read […]

Six Ways Language Learning Can Make You Happier

  (photo credit) Len Matthews via Compfight It goes without saying that learning a foreign language can make you smarter, more successful and outspoken (see how it can help business owners). But happier? Now, that’s a bold statement. Read on and judge for yourself. You are here to read and learn. I’m here to write! My […]

The joy and pain of going through the motions

(image source: Daniele Oberti via Compfight) When paying for a language course (with your time, effort or money) there’s one mistake you should probably avoid – treating your language study like it’s something static. Let’s take a look at what moves when languages are learned. Unwelcome rituals: the anatomy of a reluctant language learner (Case Study […]

Three texts about translation, pick your level!

(Image credit –Tico– via Compfight) Today i won’t write about language learning as such. You will see, however, that my other passion (translation) is just as relevant for foreign language study. And don’t worry: there’s a text here for beginner translators and seasoned pros alike. Choose one and explore! You are here to read and […]

Language Learning Links (weekly)

definr – incredibly fast dictionary Hey, this IS fast. tags: bravelearning Buzzphraser Does your report make too much sense? Have you got a committee to impress? This one comes up with beauties such as “Attractively Servo-Interchangeable Service Partnership” – delightful. tags: bravelearning LAZY LANGUAGE, LAZY THOUGHT | More Intelligent Life “Languages, like French and Spanish, […]