Monthly Archives: February 2013

Love, desire and language learning

Last year, I remember thinking about the link between love and language learning. This year, I realized how much was missing from that discussion – it’s time to bring back desire into foreign language study! Caveats, warnings and excuses The discussion below is based on Esther Perel’s TED talk. If you want to learn more […]

What to do with language? Coding has all the answers

What’s it all for? What good is learning a language, really? Why should anyone bother, and what should we do once a language is learned and mastered? I found my answers on – and tonight I’m sharing them here. Feel free to add yours. You are here to read and learn. I’m here to […]

Two memory techniques for forgetful language learners

“Tip of the tongue” must be the world’s most hated place. That feeling when you can almost remember the word in a foreign language – but it never comes to you until it’s too late? Well, you don’t need to have that feeling ever again. Learn from the masters and improve your learning with these […]