Monthly Archives: March 2013

If Music Be the Language Course, Play On: 4 Spotify Apps to Tune Up Your Language

Spotify used to be something I scoffed at – a nice way to enjoy music every now and then, but little else. Recently, though, it got a lot more awesome, and several of its features would make every serious language learner pay attention. Have a look at four of those and see if they appeal […]

You May Not Enjoy This: Getting Through The Chore of Language Learning

The myth of foreign language study is always similar: learn a new language, meet new people, have fun, explore, live the good life. Today, I want to write about the other perspective. What happens when learning languages is nowhere near that enjoyable? How to deal with this? Read on; we really need your input here. […]

Old Tools, New Tricks: 4 Polyglot-friendly Features

You probably know and love the feeling of discovering something new and useful in your toolbox – or a new app for your favourite phone – or a secret button in your car (OK, that last thing doesn’t happen that often). And if you’re always looking for ways of learning languages better – you’ll probably […]

It’s All In Your Head: Brain and Foreign Languages

If your brain is “the only weapon worth possessing,” then foreign languages are certainly the right kind of ammunition. Now – on Brain Awareness Week – let’s find out: how does learning a foreign language affect your brain? You are here to read and learn. I’m here to write! My three e-books are available for […]

Chaos and Focus in Language Learning

  “Shut up, I’m trying to learn to speak a language,” said no one ever. Foreign language study is different from learning maths or history. Today, I want to look at two states which – although contradictory – still feature in every language learner’s work. How to use them? How to make the most of […]

Why Women Are Better Language Learners

This – on International Women’s Day – will answer all your questions. Or give you new ones. Which, you know, is almost as good. Foreign language learners: why are men better at it than women? You are here to read and learn. I’m here to write! My three e-books are available for you to download. […]