Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Full Memrise Review: Web + App + Behind the Scenes

Happy times for language hackers. Memrise has finally got the Android app out – and now is a good time to come back to this super-popular learning service. How does this help language learners? Is it a useful tool for online foreign language study? Here’s what I’ve found so far. Hi – thanks for reading […]

The Final Word: Language Learning and Death

  Nothing’s wrong, so take a deep breath and read on: this is important. Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of my eBooks will now cost you less than a fiver, and come with a 45-day guarantee. Get the bundle here.

Makers are the new learners: language learning and the makers movement

  If your idea of learning a language involves staring at whiteboards and wading through grammar books, here’s a different approach. By focusing on doing things – rather than learning about and around them – your foreign language skills can develop in a fast and meaningful way. Are you ready for the maker-oriented language learning […]

Unfinished Business: how I failed as a Business English teacher (and why that matters)

  Blog challenges are either super-exciting or super-awkward to respond to. This is both. It’s awkward and unsettling and difficult to re-live failures, and this is what the challenge is about. But at the same time, it is exciting to see what I can now learn from my failure – and it would be great […]

The Flipped Classroom – an #ELTChat Summary

This is a summary of an #ELTChat that took place on the 24th April, 9pm BST. We discussed flipped classrooms in language teaching. If you’re keen to find out more about #ELTChat, visit the website and join the discussion every Wednesday! Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of my eBooks will now cost […]