Monthly Archives: July 2013

Foreign Language Influencers: Why you may not have your say on your language course

This may be the most common reason for dropping out of language schools globally, and yet it’s not often discussed – not to mention remedied. Why is stakeholder analysis missing from our thinking about language learning? Who exactly has the power to influence how you learn – and how can you make sure your voice […]

4 Steps to Lifelong Language Learning

Imagine spending a lifetime doing one thing, and enjoying it. Creepy? With learning a foreign language, this can actually happen. Here are four things to consider if you’re planning to learn foreign languages for a long time. You are here to read and learn. I’m here to write! My three e-books are available for you […]

LOLcats and Language Learners – Free Time, Creativity and Cognitive Surplus

It’s too hot today to think about serious stuff. So instead of discussing the deep and profound things that every language course implies, I will turn to something that language students rarely think about. I want to think about LOLcats. And if you read on, you’ll see that you should, too. You are here to […]

5:2 your language learning: Intermittent Mothertongue Fasting

If you were looking for a connection between language learning and diets, this could be your lucky day. And if you weren’t – this article may just make you think about the benefits of reducing your dependence on your first language. Both outcomes are fine by me, and hopefully will be inspiring for the language […]