Monthly Archives: August 2013

Extreme Guerrilla Learning Update: French Anywhere

Just to bring you up to speed: I’m learning French in a hurry and for free. This is a more radical version of my guerrilla language learning challenge, where I’m learning three languages on a budget. Today, I’m looking at ways of taking my French offline! Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of […]

A Guide to my Mothertongue: Polish Language Learning Resources

This post was inspired by a great question on Twitter – but anyway, it was long overdue. I’ve been so focused on languages foreign to me (learning them and writing about them) that I forgot all about Polish! Let’s fix that today: here’s a quick guide to Polish learning resources. Hi – thanks for reading […]

Bilinguals, Pickers and Choosers: Language Materials for Guerrilla Learners

I’m on a mission to find out how affordable language learning could get. I’ve taken up some exciting challenges (and a crazy one about French). Today I’m returning to a question of learning materials: how much does price influence quality for language learning aids? Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of my eBooks […]

Guerrilla French Language Learning Update: High Input, Low Output

Some time ago, I announced a brave and cunning plan: to learn French in 30 days without spending a penny. All foreign language learners should probably know better – but my anxiety and motivation pushes me on. Here’s a quick update on my French learning methods! Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of […]

Extreme Guerrilla Learner – 30 Days and 0 Dollars to Learn One Language

It dawned on me last morning. I’m going to Morocco. And English won’t help me much. What happened later was even more fun. Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of my eBooks will now cost you less than a fiver, and come with a 45-day guarantee. Get the bundle here.