Monthly Archives: September 2013

Move 27 Things: Feng Shui for Stuck Language Learners

Followers of feng shui use this trick with some results: move 27 things to get any room or space “unstuck.” How about getting stuck in a language learning process – would this trick help as well? Here’s a good few questions and ideas to give the polyglots a push out of the groove. Hi – […]

Extreme Guerrilla Language Learning: French – Recap

The reason for trying to re-learn a language in 30 days must be something big. In my case – a trip to Morocco. I’m now back, and the big question is: has my language learning mission been a success? Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of my eBooks will now cost you less […]

Good Enough Language Learning

It’s been a hard, long day for everyone around me, and in different circumstances, I would be angry at achieving less than I’d hoped. But I read a great sentence about sales and marketing today: it said that the secret of success is to “leave well enough alone.” I have no more time for my […]

How Body Language can affect your foreign language

The relationship between language learning and nonverbal signals has been alluded to several times on this blog. The occasion for returning to this is a brilliant TED talk about the effect of body language on the mind. Can this matter for polyglots as well? Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of my eBooks […]