Monthly Archives: November 2013

How to be an ELT (English Language Teaching) Writer – an #ELTChat summary

This is a summary of an hour-long Twitter chat that took place on Wednesday, 27 November. ELTChat is a pow-wow for teachers of English – and each week, two chats are held on a variety of language-related topics. Even if you’ve never taught or learned English, grab a strong coffee (tweets fly fast, stay sharp) […]

Google Helpouts: 3 Obvious Uses (and 1 Brave idea) for Language Learning

I had a Google Hangout last week. This was a first! It was work-related and had a lot to do with language learning. Soon afterwards, I found out about Helpouts – a brand new idea for hangouts. Can language learners use Helpouts effectively? I think there are at least three good answers – and one […]

The good, long story of foreign language literature

I didn’t learn English only for holidays and work. These are the most popular motivations for foreign language learning – but mine was slightly different. Tonight I’m thinking about two women and their contributions to literature; both of them inspire me to think about learners of languages in a new perspective. You are here to […]

3 Quirky Ways to Boost Your Language Learning with Science

I remember a strange gadget advertised to foreign language students: glasses paired with earphones and a breath sensor. Well, today I’ll share three scientific methods with you. They’ve been proven to work, and will increase your effectiveness at language learning. Best thing about them? They’re dirt-cheap and feel real good. You are here to read […]

How to be more Italian (about any language you learn)

I went to Italy this week and had a great time. I don’t speak Italian a lot, and I don’t mean to learn yet. But there was something about being able to exchange those few basic words that made me love the way this language is spoken. This is a short guide to being Italian […]