Monthly Archives: December 2013

Blog challenge – anything you didn’t know about me – now you know it!

This is a kind of a chain blog post in which one blogger tags you on their blog and challenges you to answer some questions and then pass the ball to eleven more bloggers! Thanks to Marisa Constantinides for nominating me. This feels like a great holiday blog idea. You are here to read and […]

Funding some polyglots: good times for kickstarting language learning?

Last year, everyone was talking about smart watches and a slew of other futuristic gadgets – and the place to make those dreams happen was Kickstarter. This year, I’m happy to say that foreign languages got a lot of attention (and funding!) there as well. How does this work – and what are the crowd-funded […]

Big Brother Did My Homework: How Governments help Language Learners

You’d normally think that your government is only there to collect your taxes and spy on you from time to time. Well, it turns out that other countries’ officials are actually useful from time to time: they have means of helping you learn the language of their country! Take a look at a handful of […]