Monthly Archives: January 2014

Opening The Kimono: What I Learned From Getting 2K Udemy Students in 3 Weeks

On New Year’s Day, I hit “Publish” on my first Udemy course. Things have been moving fast since then! Today’s post is about online learning – and a bit about how these courses work, from the publishing and teaching perspective. I hope you enjoy reading this. You are here to read and learn. I’m here […]

Pleasure in Language Learning: Account for Your Kicks

This is a rant for now, but I will probably expand this a lot in the future. It started with a quote I learned from one well-known coursebook author, and quickly grew into a liberating – albeit disturbing – idea about foreign language learning. Read on, mull over all this – and tell me if […]

3 Free Tools to Build Up Your Motivation For Language Study

  You know how it goes. Halfway into January, and your New Year’s resolutions don’t look that flashy any more – what seemed to be a good and useful plan turns into a pile of unconnected wishes…sounds familiar? Well, fear not. Today you’re getting introduced to three fabulous instruments. Each of these will help you […]

[Premiere and 100% discount coupon] Guerrilla Language Learning – the course

This is a project I just knew I had to finish. I made this. You get it for free, forever. You are here to read and learn. I’m here to write! My three e-books are available for you to download. I update them every year with bonus chapters, so you always get the latest info. […]