Monthly Archives: February 2014

Quick book review: “Student life in the UK”

Student life in the UK: A guide for international students by Agnieszka Karch My rating: 4 of 5 stars There are probably 99 problems on any student’s mind – per minute. This book is a clear and concise introduction to solving at least a few of them. I was not immediately convinced by the way […]

Help Kickstart Papora – learn a new language online with great kicstarter rewards!

This is a very quick post, as there is not much time to let you guys take action. A new language learning initiative needs your help on Kickstarter. For anyone serious about foreign language learning, this should be a great chance to get involved. Read more about it here – then decide if your polyglot […]

10 Reasons to be happy about the TOEIC / TOEFL fraud in the UK

Today’s news report on BBC Panorama uncovered something rotten about the language tests needed in the UK for visa purposes. Fake sitters, bribing your way to guarantee a pass, even bank account scams – it seems that “shocking” is truly the only possible description. I want to suggest ten different shades of silver lining to […]

Unlikely Language Learners Ideal: The Taxi Driver

I pass a London taxi drivers’ school every time I walk back from the office. It’s a stuff of legends (see below for concrete reasons), but until now, I had no idea how helpful their experience could be to future polyglots. Is there anything you can learn from taxi drivers to help your foreign language […]