Monthly Archives: March 2014

Open Invitation: Join Our Hangout and Design Your Language Holiday.

This idea came to me as I spent a longer weekend in a most beautiful, tri-lingual part of the world. How can these moments happen more often for all language learners? Let’s find out! Language learners, get out of the building No matter what your theory and method for becoming multilingual is, at some point […]

How to Talk Back at Chris Lonsdale Fluently in Six Points

Every time someone claims to have found a new method for learning a language, I pause and listen intently. It’s not unusual to discover something useful and really effective by paying attention to language learning experts. But there are also times when the expertise is not enough – especially when it’s connected to strong and […]

Language Learning and MOOCs – what Coursera can teach polyglots

I’m taking a quick break from my busy studying schedule to write this post. It’s not the first time I’ve written about MOOCs and the importance of online courses for language learners. But this time, I’m reporting from “within” – so how can foreign language study change with online courses booming? You are here to […]

Communication Strategies – Live Hangout, Good Articles, Your Stories

Hi all – today’s post is not really full of text 🙂 It’s a quick summary of a live session that took place this morning to supplement my Udemy course. The topic was “communication strategies” and I’d love your feedback on that! You are here to read and learn. I’m here to write! My three […]