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Habits are never alone: what coaching does with more than one habit

January is over, and so are many resolutions we made before it started. Fortunately, a lot of new habits are also formed (I’m lucky enough to see a few good changes happening around me, and to try them out myself). So what is it that really changes when we work on a habit? And should we really try to coach, develop or focus on just one habit at once?

5 Questions and 10 Steps to Really Effective Language Sharing

In 2011, when I started writing on language learning, the online language exchange was doing well. In 2015, it’s doing phenomenally well – new ideas, websites and keen learners are to be found every day. How, then, can you ensure that what you share on language learning projects online leads to quality learning? Are there […]

8 Reasons to Love Translated Literature

This is a post about books in translation, and about a question that doesn’t really need an answer: why is it important to read lots of translated books? I’m giving you eight answers – useful for foreign language learners and for literature geeks alike. You are here to read and learn. I’m here to write! […]

Kludge, Jugaad, Gung-ho: how to get really good at improvising

A TED talk I watched the other day made me realize something great: I am not alone in coming up with improvised solutions every day. In fact, all around the world companies, governments and individuals are learning to do more with less. Are you ready to learn about your attitude to improvising?

BRAVE Review: “Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom”

Overview: bell hooks writes about her true passions in this bold, honest book: learning and liberating. Written well before the 21st-century EdTech boom, this book advises every teacher, learner, coach and reader to return to the basics.

My new book, “BRAVE Language Learning,” is out today. Do you want it?

(tl,dr: New book out. Smashing. Costs 6 bucks. Get it here.) Today I’m a happy man – I get to share my new book with you! There are plenty of things I wish I could tell you about it. But there are two most important questions that were on my mind all day: Who is […]