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Language learners: it’s 2015. Do you know where your humans are?

I’m going to IATEFL again this year. Last time was fun (well, depending on who you ask) and certainly gave lots of people lots of ranting material. But you don’t need conferences to see how the language learning landscape evolves. And if you just want to learn to use a language, you don’t really care. […]

“Almost didn’t happen” vs “Here’s why it happened”

There’s a value to sharing these stories, there’s a reason why we remember the luck, the adversity, the fate. 

But there’s another story that can be told each time.

Take your lessons and conversations back! Flashcard templates for full immersion language lessons and dialogues

Today’s language learning resource addresses one problem and gives you a range of solutions. I often tried to make my foreign language classes more communicative – and I still wish I could go through my exchanges in German or Portuguese without switching back to English or Polish! This is how language learners and users can […]

BRAVE Review – “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain

Overview: Susan Cain’s meticulously researched and passionately constructed story will make you look around you very carefully. It will make you think again about the talents that other people are showing (or hiding), and about the culture which allows them to shine (or drowns them out). One of the most useful books on my shelf this year.

5 Questions I ask when reviewing any book

Take it from someone who works with books, married to a person who works with books: there are good ones and bad ones out there. And even within the good book league, there are useful books and less useful books. Many of them help me and my clients in getting things done; a lot of them can be used in teaching, life coaching or self coaching. So how do I decide if a book is useful or not?

The Good Power of Official Language Exams

Language learners have regularly been told (also by me) to do what they love, use the language in an enjoyable way and to aim for foreign languages that motivate them to meet people. This remains true – but recent news that reached me make me wonder about the future of more formal language study. What […]