Monthly Archives: May 2015

10 Tech Things I no longer have time for in 2015

We were told that the brave new digital world will give us all the time in the world – to learn a language, to prepare for what’s ahead, or just to kick back and chew the cud. Well, readers, we were lied to. Here are ten things I find myself not using any more – […]

bravelearning and BRAVE Coaching are now BRAVE Learning!

Hi everybody – this is a post that will explain some of the changes on this website, and some of the social media re-shuffle that’s been going on. All good news, I hope! You are here to read and learn. I’m here to write! My three e-books are available for you to download. I update […]

5 Psychology quirks which meddle with your language learning

This blog usually praises language learners for all the hard work they do. And with good reason: learning a foreign language is a wonderful hobby and a great project to undertake. Today’s post is a bit more devious. Are there things happening to language learners which are perhaps not so productive? And is there something […]

10 ways to a good life – with an egg timer.

A freebie arrived in the post some time ago: a four-minute hourglass. We didn’t use it much until recently. Now it occurs to me that this might be one of the smallest “secret weapons” in your happiness projects. What can you do in 5 minutes to be happier?

A Language Learner Once Again (feat. Vicky Loras)

Wiktor’s introduction: Dear bilingual wannabees, it gives me great pleasure to feature Vicky Loras as a guest author on my blog tonight. I’ve known her blog about education for a long time, and I admire the creativity and enthusiasm she shows when running The Loras Network – an English teaching enterprise. Language learners, meet Vicky: […]

Coaching lessons from “Gone Girl” and public shaming

I sometimes like to think about coaching as happening mainly in clients’ heads. Whenever I catch myself doing this, I know that sooner or later something will happen, something will change and I will remember to think about life coaching as a process which involves bodies as much as minds, ideas and emotions. Here’s what happened recently.