Monthly Archives: June 2015

20 Grim Assumptions You Can Make

I’m in a happy¬†mood lately, but I found this bit when I was clearing out my archive. It’s inspired by Seth Godin’s “Five Years From Now…” bit – but much grimmer. When I read this through, I saw that none of it lost validity – and that it’s important that I keep asking¬†the two questions […]

Two new tools and why I like them so much

Spend a week with me and you’ll know this for sure: I like my resources and my gadgets. This has changed in the past years. But I still sometimes get excited when a new tool comes along. I tend to blog about it then. This is one of those times! For learners, doers and for […]

5 Good Jobs For Polyglots (BRAVE Language Learning exclusive + sneak preview)

BRAVE Language Learning (both the ebook and the online course) are getting an update today. It felt great to work on this one: it gives language learners and future polyglots a good introduction to what jobs are available to foreign language speakers. You can get the full guide with the book or the course – […]

Learning about Return on Emotional Investment

If you know anything about economics, ROI (Return on Investment) is nothing new. Recently, as I started dealing with a lot more than money, I also got to think about what else I’m investing – and what I expect to get back. Hence the term I came up with: return on emotional investment. You are […]

In Difficult Circumstances: how tough is your learning?

There are many ways in which you can tell that someone truly learnt something. One of my favourite signals for this has lately been a simple fact: they will be able to act and function differently, in all circumstances. Here’s what I mean by that. You are here to read and learn. I’m here to […]