Monthly Archives: September 2015

Six big emotions which can motivate you to learn more than you thought possible

You learn hundreds of things for hundreds of reasons. Still, the science didn’t catch up. It is usual for people who learn about other folks’ motivation to point to something as the “decisive factor.” For learners, there are probably many ideas which motivate them to learn. Here are six of them – some working in […]

Launching today: “Information Diet 101” – read the introduction and 1 sample chapter here!

Today I am happy to share my new book with you. It is probably fair to say that I learned a lot about myself while I was writing Information Diet – a lot about managing my time and attention, but also quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t work in my daily routine. […]

10 Simple ways to get back to school each day

As I pass groups of school kids on my way to work each day, I wonder: what would it take for grown-ups to feel what those guys must feel? What can I do to make the most out of my learning potential, not just while I’m learning formally, but also while learning later in life? […]