Monthly Archives: November 2015

Five good things that happen when you learn – and five bad things that happen when you stop

I want to share this with you – it’s not scientific in any way, but a process that me and my dear ones / friends / colleagues have all observed (and we deal with learning a lot). It turns out that when we begin learning, the same things can happen quite often – and when […]

Six things to be grateful for if you’re a learner or a teacher in 2015

My religious traditions are chaotic – my enthusiasm for American customs even more so – but every year, I keep thinking it’s a good idea to specify why learning and teaching is worth giving thanks for. So here it is, in 2015 – six good reasons to give thanks for learning. Some are as true […]

Controversial topics in teaching – PARSNIPS in ELT – an #ELTChat summary

It’s been a while since I did one of those – an #ELTChat summary is always such a great post to write. If you’re an English teacher and still don’t know what these chats are about, joining other ELT pros and fans is easy – every Wednesday evening look out for the hashtagged conversation on […]