Monthly Archives: September 2016

Things you can use a NaNoWriMo for (that aren’t writing a novel)

November is coming soon. For some people, this means growing a moustache. For others (like me), it means thinking about writing – and perhaps, this year, it will mean writing a lot more. So if you cannot afford writing coaching, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) can be just the sort of month-long boot camp you […]

Five Strange Directions Language Learning Won’t Take (Or Will It?)

Two things are true at once: 1) language teaching and learning methods are still not innovative enough, and 2) any predictions about “the next big thing” for polyglots have, so far, been shaky at best. So the idea for this post is simple: I will try to write down some crazy, strange, big ideas for […]

Three Productivity Lessons From Kierkegaard

This is not something you would normally expect from bitter Danish philosophers. You would turn to some energetic life coach for advice on productivity, wouldn’t you? As it turns out, Soren Kierkegaard can teach you a lot about how (and why) to get important things done. Here are my top three picks. You are here […]