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Launching today: “Expat Flow”, “Greensplaining” and the new “Brave Language Learning” – a three-eBook bundle

Few things make me more anxious, proud and excited than letting everyone know of something new I made for them. Today I’m happy to show you three new eBooks. What are they, what will they give you, and how to get them?

“Brave Language Learning” is a book I wrote and published some time ago. This new edition now comes with its own workbook, which means that all the polyglot goodness becomes even more actionable for every reader. Apart from this, the previous sections are still there. You will still be able to find your way of learning any foreign language – and still enjoy finding out about popular tools for becoming multilingual. Not to mention a wealth of exclusive resources for “BLL” readers! The new version of the eBook now comes with a low, low minimum price, and a generous 45-day guarantee. Sounds good? Here’s where you can get it.

“Expat Flow” is a short programme for those who are thinking about a bold and beautiful plan: future wanderers, digital nomads, or wannabe expats. I wrote this for expats, and from an expat perspective – but the steps you will take with this eBook will apply to anyone who is keen to travel, explore, or simply be more aware of where they are. The workbook pages help you as you coach yourself through the most common fears, conundrums, and complexities of expat life. The book is short but practical. The price is low, but I’m happy to get a fair share of it. And 25% of the profits are shared with a charity. What are you waiting for?

“Greensplaining” is the last book I’m sharing with you today. It’s a six-step guide to simply starting a greener life – a missing manual that Greenpeace warriors and Tesla salespeople forgot to share with you! The ideas make sense in most contexts, and the workbook exercises help you decide how to start making them part of your everyday life. As with the previous books, there’s a 45-day guarantee, and I’m sharing 25% of the cut with The Bicycle Relief. Get “Greensplaining” now!

If all this sounds good to you, here’s the best part so far. You can now buy all three eBooks in one bundle. You’ll save some cash. You’ll still get the full 45 days of money-back guarantee. And the charity deal still stands. Sounds good? Get the bundle here.

I’m super happy to be able to publish all three eBooks with Leanpub. If you want to find out more about them, get in touch – or get my newsletter for free sample chapters!

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You are here to read and learn. I'm here to write!
My three e-books are available for you to download.
I update them every year with bonus chapters, so you always get the latest info.
They all cost less than a fancy coffee. If you don't like them, you get your money back within 45 days.
And if you do like them, you will help me help my favourite charity, and motivate me to write more!
Get the bundle here.