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Things you can use a NaNoWriMo for (that aren’t writing a novel)

November is coming soon. For some people, this means growing a moustache. For others (like me), it means thinking about writing – and perhaps, this year, it will mean writing a lot more. So if you cannot afford writing coaching, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) can be just the sort of month-long boot camp you […]

Three Productivity Lessons From Kierkegaard

This is not something you would normally expect from bitter Danish philosophers. You would turn to some energetic life coach for advice on productivity, wouldn’t you? As it turns out, Soren Kierkegaard can teach you a lot about how (and why) to get important things done. Here are my top three picks. Hi – thanks […]

The Guy Who Made Prince’s Last Guitar

You may be a fan of Prince or may never have liked him much, but today is not just about music and not only about playing guitar, either. This post is an invitation to think about two questions: what is the future of your work? And how do you really measure your own productivity? The […]

Limit-situations and limit-acts: a free guide for turning obstacles into motivation

This post is a collage of two inspiring ideas from two smart people. At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to a free guide I created to help you make the most of these guys’ ideas for inspired work and productive handling of life’s obstacles. Just spread the news about this […]

2 things you don’t know about your Future Self

  Chasing the latest thing and trying to live in the present may have done a disservice to what you know about your future. Here are two (well-documented) facts which you don’t always think about – and something to start you consider ideas for action, once you realize you need to do something for your […]

Half of a Good Plan: A Blueprint for Incremental Work

Today I’m happy to share a new resource with you. It’s a list of 30 questions which form a blueprint for incremental work – in managing, coaching, self-coaching or teaching. You can download it for free (once you share this post)! Hi – thanks for reading this. All three of my eBooks will now cost […]