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Introducing “Breaking Babel: A One-Page Guide to Mastering Any Language”

My first e-book - and it's for free!

I’ve always believed that good teachers don’t need to know all the answers. But they should be pretty good at asking the right questions. This is equally true for coaching, and for self-guided learning: when you begin learning a language or working on anything, asking the right questions beforehand can be crucial.

Today, you get the chance to get all the questions you need to learn any foreign language. Want to know how? Read on.


“Breaking Babel…” is my first free e-book made available on bravelearning.com – and one of many to come! It’s a one-page guide which helps you to find a good starting point to learn languages – but it also shows you where things might not go as planned, and allows you to identify your strong and weak points.


How to use the guide

Treat it like an honest, brainstorming / soul-searching exercise. Find some time to ask yourself all the questions – and note down as many answers as you can. Reflect on your answers to help you act effectively and with a good purpose – this will dramatically improve your chances of learning a language better!

Also, remember to regard it as an on-going process. Once you join a language course or find a tutor, it’s easy to assume that things are going to be “just fine” from now on. It’s not always the case; in fact, dropping out of courses or giving half-way through can be even more frustrating than not getting around to learning your language in the first place! To prevent that, make sure you repeat the process once in a while (step 6 of the guide shows you how)


How to get the guide

“Breaking Babel” is currently available only to e-mail newsletter subscribers. In order to download it, click the floating tab in the right of the page – the one that says “Free e-book in 5 seconds”. You will be guided, step by step, through the sign-up process. Your thank-you page features the link to the guide.


Enjoy – and let me know what you thought of it in the comments!

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