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Tell ’em.

The most amazing, frightening, beautiful, shocking, stressful and productive moment of your language learning…

It’s when you commit, go out, speak up, make yourself heard. It’s when you take the risk.

Today, I started a Facebook page and a Google+ page for this blog. Until now, I was reluctant to do it. The reason, I think, is exactly the same as an excuse people make for not speaking foreign languages: fear of embarrassment.

Benny Lewis, from “Fluent in 3 Months,” will deal with that excuse in no time:

I will only add two things:

1. The meaning of every communication is the response you get. And the only way to get meaningful results is to take the risk.

2. Thank you for reading this. If you want to join a small, but growing group of people who share your love for languages, you’ve got Facebook and Google+ to choose from.

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