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16 Kinds Update: Changes, excitement, and what lies ahead

Dear Readers, I’ve been a very bad blogger recently.
Of course, I have plenty of excuses. And the only reason I’m mentioning them is that they are relevant to what this blog has been about. This post is about the things that happened and about the future of bravelearning.com – which is looking good so far! It’s also a chance for me to ask a couple of questions about the way you want this website to look and act.
Here we go, then – it’s been too long…

1. Letting Go

I no longer work for a language school. After a year of managing teachers and helping students learn better – this felt like a big change (and it was). The curious thing is that I still feel that learning languages is the most awesome thing in the world – so despite the professional turmoil (which is too boring and messy to describe here), I’m still going to be passionate about it. The good thing about doing something you love is that you don’t have to be paid for it to enjoy it. Although getting paid certainly helps. Which brings me to…

2. Moving On
In several days’ time, I will start work for an ELT (English Language Teaching) section of a big publisher. I’ll give you the name and details soon enough: because of the things I’ve been discussing here, it’s only fair to provide a full disclosure.
It also means that I’ll leave Swansea and move to London – which I’m excited and gutted about at the same time! There will be plenty of occasions to discuss this in depth – for now it’s only fair to say that with the jobhunting, flathunting and several other projects, bravelearning has been on a hiatus for a while.

3. Back on Track
Hey, London! Dozens of languages, hundreds of chances to learn and speak them. These are exciting times for this blog, and one thing’s for sure: I did not want to give up on the good things I’ve done here so far.
I would need your help though! Coming back to blogging after a longish break means that I’ve got a few ideas for changes here. Let’s see if your ideas are similar. Here’s your chance to influence bravelearning.com!

What – if anything – would you change on this website if you could do so? Design? Post content? Interaction? Focus? Would you introduce new sections, get rid of some functionalities? I’m grateful for every bit of feedback I’ll get.
You can leave comments below, or get in touch via
Twitter, or
Google Plus.

It’s good to be back, folks. Hope to speak to you soon.

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