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A quick update: Learni.st Invites, Board & Contributors

Hi everyone – and let me tell you two things really quickly:

1. Go check out Learnist. This is a new and fun way to learn new things. I’m sending out 5 invites, which will allow you to instantly learn stuff from others and start your own learning board. It’s dead easy, and could be fun. To get your invite, leave me your e-mail address – in the comments below, or by emailing me!

2. I have a language learning board! This is what Learnist allows you to do, and it’s something I’d like to try out. Basically – all the material which will help you learn languages better, will be available on that board. Videos, articles, slide shows, books – not to mention Q&A sessions and discussion. Let’s see how this works – but really, I’m all excited about it already. Go check it out – here’s my learning board for you to “follow” and “like” (it’s not optional, you know 😉 )

3. Looking for contributors. This Learni.st business – if it looks like your cup of tea, why not help me run a language learning board? You will get exactly 50% of the kudos, 100% of the satisfaction, a chance to link to your content if it’s good to go on the board – and I will personally invite you to the best curry lunch in the world, the next time you’re in London. Sound good? Let me know.

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3 Responsesso far.

  1. Bob says:

    Email sent!

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you for the invite. However, it is crashing IE and Chrome. I will keep looking into it.

  3. Wiktor K. says:

    Bob –
    try contacting feedback@learni.st and notifying them. It’s early stages, so they’re probably fixing lots of bugs right now.
    Hope you’ll manage to enjoy it in the end!