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1 Man, 3 Languages, 3 Very Tight Budgets: Guerrilla Language Learning Challenge

The newsletter subscribers know the news already. Now it’s time to tell everyone else. I just got myself a new big mission!

What’s it about?

It’s about learning a foreign language when you’re on a budget – and exploring what happens to the choices you make.
It’s about using your time, effort and resources wisely – to maximize the impact of your language learning.
It’s about motivation, imagination and creativity – features that often get dumbed down by standard language learning. They will have to carry me on – instead of my wallet!

Rules (in a nutshell)

I’m learning 3 languages to B1 level: German, Spanish and Welsh.
I haven’t got time limits for any of these. German could only take as much as a year (I’d learned German before). Welsh – maybe five times longer, who knows?
My budget for each of those languages is 100 pounds. No more, no less. If I need to spend more, I have to figure out how to do this (barter? negotiate the price? DIY?).

Tell me more!

I’ve prepared an initial report / presentation on the Guerrilla Language Learning Challenge. It’s available for free – and you’re welcome to share this with everyone you know. The PDF of the report will give you:

– A detailed breakdown of the rules of the challenge
– An explanation of the rules and philosophy behind the GLLC
– A “Starting Conditions” list, outlining my existing resources, influence and knowledge

If you want to download the report, it’s right here. Feel free to share it!

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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Bob says:

    How do you plan to split up your time? Is there a mininum per day/week for each language?

  2. Wiktor K. says:

    Hi Bob,
    There’s no time limit for this. I’m starting with German this week. This will be exciting as my timetable is incredibly busy – expect a blog update on that soon!