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My Language Learning Scrapbook: Introducing bravelearning Evernote Openbook

Scrapbooking Day!

Newsletter subscribers have tried it out already. Now it’s your turn. I’ve prepared a new way of sharing foreign language news and resources with you. It’s here, for free, forever. Read on and see why I’m so glad this happened!

1. The problem with links

If you’re a bit like me, you enjoy finding things out. Foreign languages, learning methods, new resources – you name it, I’ll read it. Send me a video and I’ll watch it. Publish a podcast? My headphones are on. The coolest thing about online language study is that there is always more content, more information, more fresh ideas.
Wade in deep enough, though, and you may find it too cumbersome.
Here’s another cool person to follow on Twitter. Two more links on someone’s Facebook feed. Newsletters in your inbox, oh my. And your mobile phone had this cool video saved somewhere. Not to mention the book you heard about in the library and noted on a piece of paper, it’s in here, I just need to find it…
Yeah, that’s the problem. It’s not scarcity, and not information overload: it’s how you choose to access it, organize it, consume and integrate it.

2. Why Evernote really works for language learning

You’ve heard it all about Evernote. So I’ll just shut up about how awesome it it. (Never heard of it? I envy you: you’re about to discover something beautiful.)
Here’s why it works for me, for you – dear readers, for anyone keen on learning languages better:

  • It goes anywhere you go. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, other people’s computers. It’s there, synced and ready.
  • You get organized. With tags, categories and search, you’re able to find your language tips faster.
  • It’s non-invasive. This is crucial for me – and for you, if you’re serious about getting things done. A new link on Facebook wall, a newsletter in your inbox or a tweet – these are things that appear and shout “Hey, I’m urgent! I’m here! Deal with me now!” – whereas Evernote stores information for when you’re ready and willing to access it and make use of it.
  • It does all sorts of media. For a language learner, this matters. An essay will be stored just as easily as a podcast – an infographic and a photo of a napkin-based brainstorm record will do just as well. Enough for most learning styles (I heard some folks were working on smells as well, but that’s another story :).

3. Introducing: bravelearning Evernote notebook

I want to share all the language-related amazing stuff with you. I want you to know what’s happening with language study – be inspired by new stories, excited about new tools, critical of overhyped developments, puzzled by foreign languages you’ve never heard of.
I want you to do it your way. Get the information when you want and deal with it the way you want. I want you to choose what you’re interacting with, search for what interests you, go back as and when you like it. And I want you to keep that choice.
That’s why I’ve started this: the bravelearning Evernote public notebook.
If you’re an Evernote user, you can join the notebook and take it with you anywhere, the way your other notebooks work.
If you’d rather not use Evernote, you can simply explore the notebook in your browser – or access the new stories here (there’s a panel in the right sidebar that shows all the news).
This is public and open to everyone. Share this with anyone you choose. It’s free.
Still not sure what to do with this? Read this post for some quick tips – or just get in touch and we’ll sort it out together.
Happy exploring, everyone.


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