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[Premiere and 100% discount coupon] Guerrilla Language Learning – the course

guerrilla language learningThis is a project I just knew I had to finish. I made this. You get it for free, forever.

What is it?

It’s an online learning course that takes everything I know about successful and insanely fun language learning – then boils it down to 15 video meetings – and then adds action sheets and further reading handouts to download.
It’s a way to think again about spending all the time, money and effort on learning a foreign language. How much time do you need? What learning tools will you pay for? Who is likely to help you, and how to convince them? It’s all there.
It’s a product of many sleepless nights and early mornings, but also several super-fun writing and recording sessions – a caffeine-fuelled experiment, which you will hopefully enjoy.
It’s my New Year gift to you.

How does this work?

  • There are fifteen video lectures. Each of them has a PDF worksheet with questions and actions, as well as a further reading list.
  • There are note-taking and question-asking widgets built into the course. They take notes and ask questions. You keep the notes, I answer the questions. Simples.
  • There’s a bonus / freebie section, with downloadable materials. You may recognise some of them from before. More to follow, surely.
  • There are live sessions! Ah, that’s my favourite part! Look out for the course announcements to check out the next one, drop in and say hi!
  • You will have to sign up with Udemy, but it’s fast (make sure you configure the Facebook notifications the way you want it). They’re a cool company and I’ve had god support from them.

Is this really free?

Yes. You can use the link below to receive a 100% discount. You pay nothing, because you made me think about it, blog and argue and bicker and talk about it, and finally you made me do it.
Copy the link and share this with anyone. It expires around the end of January, so be quick to spread the love far and wide. Everyone who uses this link will get the 100% discount as well.
One big favour though – please please please write me a review and leave a rating on the course page. It helps me promote it, and gives you super-good karma (allegedly)

Now what?

This is your link to the Guerrilla Language Learning course. You can also copy and paste the link below to share with your friends and family.


Thanks again – and stay tuned. 2014 should be lots of fun.

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