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Communication Strategies – Live Hangout, Good Articles, Your Stories

Hi all – today’s post is not really full of text 🙂 It’s a quick summary of a live session that took place this morning to supplement my Udemy course. The topic was “communication strategies” and I’d love your feedback on that!

1. Live sessions will be fun (when I get them to work)

This was the first live session I did on Google Hangouts, and I know now that a few things will need to be changed to make the next one even better. Still, I enjoyed it and hopefully you will too.

2. Useful articles

These are already linked to our public language learning Evernotebook (go and explore), but worth repeating here nonetheless:

The Wikipedia page on Communication Strategies has a very useful overview.
This article on the use of communication strategies in a Vietnamese language classroom is a great way to see the literature and the categories of strategies in action.
– This is a resource for teachers, but also very useful for students who want to train their communication strategies themselves.

3. The missing link: your stories!

It would be great to hear what you guys thought of communication strategies in learning your language. Did you have the chance to try any of these out? Let us know in the comments.
You can still join the Guerrilla Language Learning course – and leave a review if you did!

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