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Open Invitation: Join Our Hangout and Design Your Language Holiday.

newsletterThis idea came to me as I spent a longer weekend in a most beautiful, tri-lingual part of the world. How can these moments happen more often for all language learners? Let’s find out!

Language learners, get out of the building

No matter what your theory and method for becoming multilingual is, at some point you’ll just have to admit it: traveling is necessary. And journeys to a new place, to speak a new language with new people – that’s how most people acquire most memorable knowledge (since anyone but the most jaded globe-trotter will admit that what happens outside our comfort zone, stays with us forever).

So make the most of it. Make sure to travel, use your linguistic chops and try it our as often as you can.

“Why do the wrong polyglots travel…?”

This does not mean that you should conform to what Noel Coward was so upset about. In fact, there is a way of traveling which will almost always end in no language learning whatsoever. This is likely to involve staying in a hotel compound, looking out for similar people to share similar food and stories with, and generally feeling as if you’ve never left your home town. Enjoyable, perhaps, but only in the absence of work and chores that you managed (briefly) to get away from. And for a wannabe bilingual person, this is a last-minute idea of hell.

So what’s the opposite?

Guerrilla Language Hangout: Design Your Polyglot Holiday (with Q&A)

The hangout will take place on the 26th April, 5pm GMT. It’s free to join, and the Q&A section is now open. Feel free to head over to the link and type in any question you may have about the subject.

This is also a Live Session for my “Guerrilla Language Learning” course. It’s already got over 2K students, and we’re having lots of fun learning more languages together. You should totally come and join us. This link will give you 25% off the price of the course.

Share this link around if you like – it’s free for all to join.

See you there – and let’s start scheming on our big holiday ideas!

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