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BRAVE Review: “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck

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I got this book from my father – with a request to read through it and to withhold judgment. He knows me well enough to suspect a raised eyebrow every time the word “spiritual” appears on a book cover.

I read through it, and I withheld judgment.

Here’s the thing I just have to admire about this book: it’s one of the sources of strength for my dad. It helped him out of some dark places, and it keeps him strong. For him, it’s a tool that worked, and I can testify to how effective it’s been for him so far.

There is a big misunderstanding around the word “spiritual,” fueled – no doubt – by those who shout the loudest. The Road…has been around for 25+ years, quietly stating what it believes to be true. And for five of those years, it’s been helping my father make sense of things.

Go and take a good look at this book. It changed the way I think about love. For you, it could do a different thing. It might not work at all, until you pass it on to someone who needs it.

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