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Launching today: the first bravelearning ebook!

an ebook about language learning

Polyglots, language learners, lend me your digital reading eyes. This one is for you, and I’m so happy it’s out now: a little ebook that will re-kindle your love for foreign languages. Buy it today!

What’s the book about?

Learning and teaching languages, of course! This is something I’ve been super-keen on for as long as I remember. Most of the time, this passion manifests itself in where I work, but every now and then there’s a wad of it left over for some writing. Hence the ebook 🙂

It’s about all the things that language courses won’t necessarily have the time to discuss with you. Motivation, failure, psychology of learning, ways of making your own material – it’s all there.

What’s in the e-book?

The first part is the “16 blogged kinds”: sixteen stories taken from the blog. These are the ones that inspired you, made you talk back, or probably made you angry about something! I like to rely on this blog for guidance and pointers to new themes and topics, so it made perfect sense for me to include some of the best material in the ebook.

The second part is brand new! These are the previously unpublished stories, posts, articles and ramblings. Some of these were too wild to publish at the time – some were intentionally kept back for “something bigger” to come.  Many of them were written during my school-managing days, so foreign language teachers can find them especially annoying.

The last part is the bonus section: a simple 7-day plan to get your monolingual posterior back to work on languages. With seven clear outcomes and seven ways to prepare for the big day, there will be no excuses when you finally sign up for your language class. Which means more power, more fun and more results in any language you learn.

That sounds cool, where do I get it?

I’m so glad you asked.

The book will be available in over a dozen bookstores very soon, but for now, here’s where you can buy it easily (in mobi, epub or PDF format: it’s my own BookShop page!

And if you really enjoyed it and want to spread the news – or if you think it’s hopeless and want to warn everyone to stay away from it – the book’s also got its Goodreads page where you can review it.

Hang on a second, you said “the first…”

There will be more to come. This is the most obvious starting point (and least scary to write).

Guys, I’m happy you’re with me and I’m thankful that you kept coming back to this blog. If you want to take the best parts of it with you (along with some extra exclusive morsels), there’s only one thing to it: buy the bravelearning ebook!

You are here to read and learn. I'm here to write!
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