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Before you get creative (a lesson from surfing photography)

There is a photograph which scares the hell out of me – and inspires me at the same time. Recently, I got to read the story behind the photo – and it’s even more interesting! So what do surfing, photography and life coaching have in common?

Best place is hard to find

This is Brian Bielmann’s key point: he was in a pretty bad place. At the end of the last row of boats, and up a wave that just seemed to big. That is the only reason why he got the angle just right.

Is it easy for you to always determine which place is the right place? And how about changing your position – making the most of it – adapting it? Where are you now – where do you want to be?

“I didn’t do anything creative.”

This was what struck me. The photograph we’re talking about didn’t just happen – but the photographer insists that the process was not creative at all. A bad place became a perfect place. A dangerous situation became just the right one. And what looked like a pretty bad trip turned into a photo op of a lifetime.

So: what do you have to do before you do your creative work?

Those things you slag off – the things you hate so much, or the tasks that drag: how are they helping your best work appear?

Look for the connections, and let others find them for you as well. Chances are, you’re better primed for creativity than you think.

(The photo above is not the one I’m describing: click here to see it and to read the story.)

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