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5 Things You Will Get From Good Life Coaching

1. Help in setting precise goals. A good coach will not stop until your goals are precise, valid and ready to rock.
2. A constant source of good questions. This is how you learn to find your own answers, and trust your own decisions. A good question is worth 10 mediocre pieces of advice.
3. Help in finding the best resources. Expert coaches know where else to look for help – and they will enable you to find all the tools, time and people you need.
4. A long-term, supportive conversation. Perspective is the ultimate difference: working with a good life coach means that more things get noticed, discussed and used.
5. Lessons to help you after coaching. There is a difference between “losing a client” and “leaving a client with the skills they will need.” Good coaches know the difference and will work to teach you how to cope without them.

(BONUS: 5 Things You Probably Won’t)

1. Medical assistance or treatment. Good coaches won’t claim to cure you. If you have a medical condition, doctors are the experts you need.
2. Quick fixes. Sure, lots of coaches will claim to solve all problems with a quick miracle session. But good coaches know exactly when to use these methods – and they know it because they take their time.
3. Advice. What good is another person telling you what to do?
4. Keys to the minds of others. Life coaching is not manipulation. And life coaches are not propaganda wizards.
5. Freedom from responsibility. Ultimately, your life is your job. A good life coach will make you do the work, and be there when support or reckoning is needed. Did you ever see Muhammad Ali’s coach enter the ring to fight for him?

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