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An Extreme Time Management Post

Every time I open a new tab in my browser, this is what I see:

It’s a brilliant extension (download it here for free; works on Chrome only). The clock never stops and it’s ridiculously detailed. This is the difference between telling myself “I’m 32 years old” and seeing that a tenth of a second passes away as I wonder whether to check Dilbert or Garfield next.

On a related note – a very interesting talk with Marta Dziurosz today, with a key question: “If you only had 48 hours to FAKE being really driven and motivated and competent at something – what would you do?” It’s interesting how easy it was for us to come up with quite detailed and hyper-intensive plans – and how hard it is to make sure that what we wanted to do in 48 hours becomes a good 48 weeks instead.

If you only had 48 hours to fake being keen, driven and motivated by something, what would you do?

Now take a look at this list. How can you make sure that you fill 48 weeks with what you wanted to do in 48 hours?

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