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My new book, “BRAVE Language Learning,” is out today. Do you want it?

Click the image to go to book download page!

Click the image to go to book download page!

(tl,dr: New book out. Smashing. Costs 6 bucks. Get it here.)

Today I’m a happy man – I get to share my new book with you! There are plenty of things I wish I could tell you about it. But there are two most important questions that were on my mind all day:

Who is this book for? What does this book do?

I’m answering these in a video below. (If you’re on a mobile device, click here to watch it)

This year, there will be at least 10 new resources published on the blog – all available for free to you if you buy “BRAVE Language Learning.” That’s apart from the regular programming.

I am so happy about this ebook – it’s done thanks to you guys! Hundreds of you visit this page every day, connect with me, argue and ask good questions. You’re the reason this book is here.

If you had the chance to sign up for my course on Udemy – a PDF version of the book is available for you for FREE. This is not going to change, as the course learners are usually getting new things in their quarterly updates. So any new stuff for foreign language learning I come up with, these guys are likely to get gratis.

Oh, I also really want to tell you about the cover: it was designed by Marta Korowaj, who is the most kick-ass designer I know and it was really great to work with her. Go check out her website and let her design something in your life – it’ll make you squee with joy and jump around like a little girl again. (I know that’s what happened to me.)

That’s it then. The book is waiting for you – in epub, mobi or PDF formats. Get it here – and take a while to review it here if you wish!

Multilingually yours,


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