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4 Resources and 5 Key Questions to stay happy online in 2015

Sometimes you look around and see nothing but important things to put on you blog! For a life coach or anyone interested in positive psychology this year, the past few weeks must have been fun. Here are 4 interesting tools I spotted – and 5 questions to help you deal with digital happiness this year.

1. Periscope

This nifty app is only available on iPhones now – but it’s making waves thanks to Twitter folks who bought it recently and launched it under their wing. It allows you to broadcast a live video stream from wherever you are, complete with audio and some audience interaction. On its own, it’s nothing big – but it’s another step removing barriers to intimacy in the digital world.

2. Guy Winch and his appeal for mental hygiene

This is a moving an persuasive argument. Guy mentions the need for mental health, for which we seem to have fewer working tools than for bodily health. In many settings, seeking mental health assistance is still a taboo. Guy Winch’s voice speaks out against it – with reason, compassion and common sense.

3. “The future of loneliness”

I really enjoyed this long read. It’s about the previous two resources, in a way – investigating what feels “natural” in recent times with recent tech and social changes. Deep at times, and definitely not something to devour in a rush – but I suggest you take time to read it, also for a perspective on any opposite of loneliness!

4. “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed”

A book about a really painful opposite to loneliness, that. It just landed on my desk and I can’t wait to read it. The discussion centers on the ways in which social media gains power to elevate, change and destroy parts of our work or life in a matter of minutes. Again, an uncomfortable read probably (listening to the author’s description of some stories makes me wince) but something worth investigating as our happiness becomes more tied to our online personas.

5. Staying BRAVE and happy online in 2015 – five key questions

These are useful for any self coaching situation. It’s also what I would try to explore in a life coaching session devoted to online behaviour or presence. The goal could be big (e.g. becoming a YouTube presenter for something I love) or small (e.g. spending less time on the comment sections of blogs.)

  • What’s big and important for me in my online / digital pursuits?
  • What is the reality of what’s happening online – or missing online – for me?
  • How many concrete actions can I think of now to bring me closer to my big goal / idea?
  • How will I verify that the actions are working, completed, or need changing?
  • What effect are my actions going to have on my goal and my online reality?

I hope you enjoy those. Let me know which resource you liked best!

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