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bravelearning and BRAVE Coaching are now BRAVE Learning!

brave learningHi everybody – this is a post that will explain some of the changes on this website, and some of the social media re-shuffle that’s been going on. All good news, I hope!

In late 2011, I started bravelearning.com to focus on language learning. For many polyglots, this turned out to be the website they wanted – and for many more, an invitation to deeper discussions about learning, curiosity and living creatively in the 21st century.

I kept writing, learning, listening and talking to you guys. In the meantime, I was also busy doing what I always wanted to do: last year, I completed my life coaching diploma and began my coaching practice. It’s very early stages, but the energy that gives me is already there.

I started with a separate website for my coaching interests. I wanted to keep the language learning and the psychology apart. Then one evening, I told Marta about it – and like all very wise friends / wives / companions, she said those simple words that helped me see things in a different light:

[trx_chat]”That’s bull***t. You should have one page and one set of social media. Otherwise you’re doubling the work for half the impact.”[/trx_chat]


From now on, this website is going to focus on all that happens when we learn, grow, and become braver. It will still revolve around foreign languages – but will bring a lot more self-development, psychology and coaching into the mix. I’ll keep the blog categories separate for you to make it easy to focus on what you came here for.

Expect the same energy and quality – more books and courses to follow – and one big promo to bring us into the second half of 2015. I’m hard at work on the design now, but more will follow.

Welcome to BRAVE Learning. Hope you enjoy the ride.

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