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5 Good Jobs For Polyglots (BRAVE Language Learning exclusive + sneak preview)

BRAVE Language Learning (both the ebook and the online course) are getting an update today. It felt great to work on this one: it gives language learners and future polyglots a good introduction to what jobs are available to foreign language speakers. You can get the full guide with the book or the course – today I’m sharing a quick preview with you!

Can Language Jobs Be Motivating?

For many people, this is the reason they start learning a foreign language in the first place. They have a particular job in mind, and they need the linguistic skills as part of their training. But for others, this can become a welcome perk along the way – you will often hear stories of bilingual people who were lucky enough to find work that uses their talents.

“5 Good Jobs For Polyglots” (excerpt)

Intelligence officer – bet you didn’t think about it when you signed up for your language class, did you? Well, here’s some news: not everyone in the world is a good guy, and not all bad guys speak English. Intelligence agency work comes in all shapes and sizes. You can assist police officers on their beat in a small town, or you can help decipher online communications in a top-secret government project. And whilst it’s true that the image associated with these jobs morphed radically from Bond/Bourne to Edward Snowden – it’s still an industry in which good language skills can make all the difference.

What you’ll need: the key skill here is teamwork. Nobody catches the bad guy alone, based only on what they know. Big teams, small teams, formal and informal squads, official and unofficial meetings, maybe even something your colleague mentioned in the lunch queue – all these can lead to dots being connected. So even if you’re going to get paid for deciphering multilingual communications – it’s the team chatter that will help you make sense of what it’s good for. In addition to that, you’ll need lots of resilience – think about an interpreter’s job, but with almost all bad news…

What you’ll enjoy: These types of employees will care for you. Even more so nowadays; they’ve a bit of a reputation problem…training is probably the best part (aside from the pay check). And for the good citizens among us, there’s the warm feeling of accomplishment that goes along with the profession.

How to get the rest of the guide (and then some…)

The whole PDF is available on my BRAVE Language Learning course, and with the Extra Resources on my ebook. You can get both (and many more courses and ebooks) through the £10 lifetime coupon. Click on the product covers below to get started!

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