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Launching today: “Information Diet 101” – read the introduction and 1 sample chapter here!


Today I am happy to share my new book with you. It is probably fair to say that I learned a lot about myself while I was writing Information Diet – a lot about managing my time and attention, but also quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t work in my daily routine. I hope you enjoy reading it – today, I’m sharing one chapter of the book for free as an instant download.

1. What is “Information Diet” ?

The term “information diet” is nothing new. I learned about it first by reading The 4-Hour Workweek, but maybe it’s been in the back of my mind for much longer. The frustration was certainly there.

It’s common for many of us to feel overwhelmed by “stuff” and to struggle with trying to contain all the data around us. As I’m writing these words, I’m aware of an important phone call I have yet to make, a few hundred emails in my inbox, a few deadlines – and a dozen or so notifications about a cat video I just shared. It’s all happening now, in real-time, as the radio is playing in the background.

How do we get anything done when there’s so much noise around us?

How do we begin to sort things out – to separate the noise from the signals – to cut back on what reaches us and grabs our attention?

Information diet is one of the possible answers. And Information Diet 101 is a book I wrote to introduce you to this practice.

2. Who is “Information Diet” for?

This book is possibly **not** for you if you’ve already fought and won some battles with the information overload in your life. It’s also maybe not too productive to read this if you’re in a tranquil, stress-free place right now. The reason is simple: many of the techniques described here are low-level starting points for fighting the overflow of signals. They are the basics of time management, the simple moves of email combat. The A-B-C of meeting etiquette. If this was Karate Kid, we’d be talking about the “wax on, wax off” moment here. If you’ve been there, move on. And if you’ve reached the quiet space, stay there and only come back to this book once you’ve left it.

Information Diet 101 is for people who want to make some meaningful changes to the way they learn, work, read, meet, and communicate. It’s for those who feel that the information in their lives tends to get in their way, instead of helping them. And (this is the important part) it’s for the readers who are willing to try out different things, and ask different questions, for a long while – before they settle on an approach that works for them.

3. What will I get from this book?

Every helpful book I ever read left me with tools and questions – and I preferred this to dogmas and answers. So this is what I tried to do with Information Diet. Many parts of this book will be down-to-earth and practical. Many others – more of a dialogue than a lecture.

The book tries to discuss the “usual suspects” in information overload – meetings, emails, social media and news – and it doesn’t pretend to have a one-size-fits-all answer. When dealing with those, it’s important to decide what matters to you personally – and make further choices based on this. So I tried to guide you to options when dealing with those.

I also tried sharing a few tools, tricks and techniques which worked for me. Some of them you may be familiar with – some others may be new to you. Again, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I just told you “this works, this is guaranteed, go get it.” Feel free to experiment and play around with each of these tools, to make it your own.

Finally – as is the case with most other books you’ll find on this website – I’m introducing a reading list with useful resources and articles. Information Diet is not the first books on this subject. Heck, I wouldn’t even say it’s the best one 😉 But I tried to share the sources, and the good thing about the ebook format is that I can keep updating the list. So share the news or tips you have, and we’ll feed them to the others on the same diet!

4. How can I get this book?

The book is available via Leanpub as a solo download, and via this website as part of my BRAVE Coupon. This means you can buy a lifetime, all-you-can-read subscription to all my current and future books and courses with a one-off payment. And you get lots of coaching demos and freebies thrown in.

You can read the book on your Kindle, laptop or an e-book reader of your choice – I’ve got the .pdf, .mobi and .epub files all sorted out for you.

Start by reading a sample chapter here (it’s a PDF file).

I hope you enjoy reading Information Diet 101 – feel free to share this with your friends!

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