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Greensplaining Bonus: three green organizations winning right now

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It is a pleasure to write posts like this one. The reason for such stories is to celebrate the good news coming from people interested in green ideas. Another reason for this: to show you that caring for the planet can be profitable, fun, and immensely successful. What are some of the great ecology and green success stories?

Texas wind farms

I read this Bloomberg story with great pleasure. It now looks like the only profitable kind of energy in certain parts of Texas is wind and solar! This means that renewable energy sources are winning in America – and it also means that companies which invest in such enterprises make more money. Crucially, it changes the stereotypes, too. Texas is no longer just seen as a great state full of oil fields and gas works – now these energy sources matter, too. If green energy can win in Texas, where else?

Ecotricity – a UK green energy supplier

In the UK, that’s where! The story of Ecotricity is a cool one to follow if you’re based in Great Britain. Basically, new wind and solar farms are built by this company every year, and its owner becomes more and more recognized as someone who wants to make a difference to how “green business” is perceived. It’s working, too – suddenly being green or vegan is no longer a weird, niche thing, but an accepted and successful lifestyle decision.

World Bicycle Relief

One of my favourite charities these days. If you buy my books, you’re helping me support them. The cause is worthy – making communities switch to more resilient and agile ways of moving around, by providing bicycles, maintenance, training and parts. This means more kids doing better at school, more jobs for mechanics, and more time for people to bring their goods – or good selves – to work. The bicycle, which I saw earlier this year in London on a bike fair, is a heavy duty beast, and the whole idea fills me with really positive thoughts.

Have you heard of good, successful green initiatives? Or are you starting one yourself? Let us know on the usual social media!

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