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​Greensplaining Bonus: Four Short Video Introductions to green living

This post is a free bonus chapter to go with my book “Greensplaining”. You can get the full book here.

I’m a busy person. We all like to think we are. Give me a book to read and I’ll start making excuses about too many books and to little time. With a four minute video, though, things are different. Here are four of my favourites. Each of these is a short insigjt into green living, its problems and solutions.

1. Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye

The Science Guy delivers. In a few short scenes, with plenty of illustrations and examples, he manages to show why we should worry about climate change, how it came about, and how it actually works. There are no big science words around here, and not much rhetoric. It’s science, but it’s also engaged.

Watch this video if you are still not 100 percent sure about how global warming actually works. Show this to others who still feel they need to come back to the basics sometimes.

2. This Changes Everything with Naomi Klein

If you can, read the book. It is one of the big titles out there when it comes to discussing climate change and responses to it (both actual and possible).

If there is not enough time, though, watch this super short documentary. It is much angrier, and more political, than the science angle above. It shows that the forces which created the climate problems are real, as are the people causing and solving the problems. The video is a good attempt at conveying the book’s message in a nutshell.

3. The story of solutions with Annie Leonard

You may remember “The Story of Stuff”, a fantastic illustrated tour of consumer society and its problems. This video is a more optimistic sequel to it. The style remains the same. Annie’s narration takes you through an animated story so that all is clear and easy to follow.
I am including this one on the list for two reasons. Firstly, it’s really short, good enough to whizz through in a quarter of your lunch break! But secondly, it is also super actionable.
This is the good news to “…Stuff’s” big questions. Watch this if you get the problems already, and you’re itching for answers.

4. What if the world went vegetarian? With AsapSCIENCE

This is dessert! Try watching this right after the previous clip. The style and premise are similar. It’s a short animated explainer, made by AsapSCIENCE.
The question is a hypothetical one, for now. We are not likely to see the whole world going vegetarian. But if you read my other posts or units, you already know that eating less meat is one of the best things you can do individually to fight climate change.

This video is a must if you want to understand how and why giving up on your daily burger can help.

Any other short and sweet videos to help us live greener lives? Post them to our Facebook or Twitter!

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