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Expat Flow Bonus: Top Ten 2017 (Wiktor’s Subjective List)

This post is one of the free bonus chapters that go together with my eBook “Expat Flow”. You can get the book here.

The people who make the thought of living anywhere in the world more bearable. The ideas and solutions which make the world a friendlier place. And a few gadgets without whose influence it would just be hard for me to leave my house! Expat Top Ten 2017 is here.

1. Transferwise

I remember a day filled with fury at my bank, after a particularly unfair and expensive foreign transfer. And then I remember sitting in an airport lounge in Madrid, logging into Transferwise, and enjoying a pretty good rate on my transfer which arrived into my bank account the same hour. This has made a big difference to my expat finances, and you should check it out.

2. EU CV

I’ve been going on about this one for a while now, but that’s because it’s so boringly, monotonously amazing: a CV which lists what you want, stores it in a good format, and lets you come back and update just the changing parts. This, combined with a skills portfolio and a format recognized in many countries in Europe. Winner.

3. Gina Miller

In the midst of the clusterf*ck that is Brexit (hey, the title warned you this list would be subjective…), Gina Miller was brave enough to stand for the rule of law, the proper procedure, and the democratic process. She persevered, despite many awful threats, and she had her victory. Gina Miller is, for me, a person who fought for a more global, fairer Britain. She deserves recognition.

4. Seth Godin

Always an inspiration. His books urge you to try more, fail more, and think about braver things. His speeches and interviews always inspire me to dream up another brave plan. For expats and wannabe global travelers, this coud just be the kick in the butt they need to get going.

5. Railcard

A piece of plastic which made many of my hikes, rambles, and day trips much more affordable. And – as an idea – this is a brilliant way to explore the world in a leisurely, greener manner. Get yours, and off you go!

6. WeSwap

An idea whose time has truly come: a card which you can load with multiple currencies, and a pretty nifty currency exchange solution. The result is really great. I’ve enjoyed using WeSwap and although the savings aren’t always great, the ease of use definitely is worth it.

7. Airbnb

No reason to live in hotels when you next go and discover a new country on your expat wishlist. AirBnB has its good and bad sides, and – like so much else – it takes some work to really make it useful. Once I did, though, it meant absolutely great times – both in the UK and in other places across the globe. It’s expat living on a smaller, more manageable scale.

8. Anker charger

There are many models, and they won’t differ from the one I bought some time ago. The beauty of this one, for me, lies in the fact that the mains plug cable is swappable: I have both a UK and a European one, and can charge all my devices in most of the places I visit on a regular basis. Hasn’t let me down yet.

9. Tiny House

I live in a country where flat and house prices make people go crazy. My way of dealing with this is planning my own Tiny House: a dwelling which I could easily afford, possibly move from place to place, and definitely enjoy without guilt or crippling mortgage. I’m not the only one, either. Check them out and consider them for your next expat base camp.

10. Gryfnie hoodie

This is obscure, but you may enjoy something similar yourself. My Gryfnie hoodie is big enough to have its own postcode, and feels like the most amazing, homely thing when I am inside it. For a home away from home, it really doesn’t often get more basic, more cosy, than this.

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