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4 reasons to subscribe today

The book

I have a newsletter and it’s pretty hot.

It’s not the kind you would normally see in your inbox and delete. I don’t send it every day, week or month. The newsletter is a chance for me to contact my VIP readers first – with an offer I want to share just with them, a new idea, a freebie they will get before others.

You should subscribe: here’s why.

1. A free, super-simple guide to learning any foreign language

It’s a mind-map. It’s a swiss-army-knife set that unlocks languages and makes them more inviting. It’s a set of questions – powerful enough to change the way you learn, flexible enough to be used over and over again, small enough to fit on an A4 sheet.

Yours, for free, forever. The download link will be sent to you in the welcome letter.

2. Early access to language-learning materials

Newsletter subscribers get to see some of the new stuff first. I like the way this works: those are the people who care about learning a foreign language better – they are involved, keen to read and find out more. And anything I give them will likely be used, tested and improved by their feedback. Remember the DIY materials guide? Subscribers got there first. The Evernote language learning notebook? Subscribers knew where it was before the rest of the world.

There will be more. And you will be the first to know.

3. An active part in the community

Hey, I’m not a know-it-all. The reason I keep writing is simple: I keep learning that way. And the lessons come from you.

You read, comment, share or ignore the stuff I put up here. You open, delete, act upon and respond to the messages in the newsletter. And when there’s an important decision to make – newsletter subscribers are the helpful ones.

It doesn’t happen super-often – just often enough to give you that warm feeling of making something happen every now and then 🙂

4. Surprises, chats, support

My name is there, with every email I send. You hit “reply” and your email lands in my inbox. This is personal and important: that’s the way I want to keep this.

“News” doesn’t need to be all corporate-newspeak and bland announcements. It can be a two-way thing – from one language learner to another. Or, with real hot topics, a stimulus to take it further.

Your email address doesn’t end up anywhere else. Your inbox doesn’t get spammed. And your newsletter is not shouting “HEAR WHAT I SAY,” it’s saying “let’s talk about this.”


So, do you want one or not?

(photo credit: Creative Commons License Dave Heuts via Compfight)


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