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About bravelearning

Who are you?

Me. (Incidentally, Wittgenstein and Dylan Thomas had photos taken in the same city.)

Hi, my name is Wiktor and I am in love with languages.

Everybody has this one thing that gets them going. A thing they can talk about for ages, a thing worth arguing, working and living for. Everybody has weird beliefs and opinions about one topic they’re passionate about.

Well, this is my website. And it’s about what I love and believe. So if you can spare me a moment, I’ll show you around.


What can I find here?

The tagline of the website is “Learn Languages Better.” I’m on a mission to try and write about everything that helps people achieve this.

Every. Single. Thing.

I will review and test language courses, schools and learning software. I will share stories of successful language learners. I will expose secrets behind language schools that succeeded – and the ones that didn’t.

I will tell you how to learn any language faster, cheaper and better than you thought possible.

I will make you think, and smile, and go “hmm.” I will discuss, complain and argue with you (if you decide to leave a comment).

I will help you pick your language (or languages), learn or teach it – and keep on learning (or teaching) until you die – as I believe is the right way.


What’s with the name?

You might have heard this one before: rumour has it that Eskimos have 16 words for snow.

Actually, we may safely declare that myth “busted” – it’s Sami people, not Eskimos – and the number is closer to several hundred. That’s several hundred words for different kinds of snow and pasture – depending on thickness, freshness, amount and so on.

I want you to think about it for a minute. Think about how it would be to really, REALLY learn a language. Not to see 16 words for snow, but to know 16 kinds of snow. To know them and be able to name them.

Actually, let’s leave the Eskimos alone and think about any other language. Imagine being able to feel what “saudade” really means. Imagine the control you could wield over Polish and its bizarre case system. Consider how your working day could be different if you really understood Urdu and its speakers – how your evening out in Paris could benefit from some cute French skills – or how very different haiku could read in Japanese.

Creepy? Sure. But probably also immensely rewarding. This is what I’m after – whenever I learn, teach and write about languages.


This is cool! How do I join in?

If you’ve read this far, you’re already in.

Like I said, I’m a weirdo when it comes to languages. This was my chance to introduce the concept to you – and my hope is that my enthusiasm was contagious, and not off-putting.

If you want to get involved – I’ve made it really easy for you. Here are just some of the ways:


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See you around – and best of luck!



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